To the girl who started things right but ended up in tangle of mistakes

Dear Brave Girl,

I admire your strength. When you stumbled, instead of crying over your wounds like others did, you stood up, lifted your chin and walked again. Not minding if your knees are bleeding from the fall.

You’ve been hurt by wrong choices in the past but you never let it show off. You’ve already perfected the art of looking okay, because you have a lot of tough times to practice it. Like when you left the job that has been your comfort zone for the past years only to land into a less satisfying one: Demanding boss with a heavy work load made exciting by the gossipers in the office.

When you risked your savings in a so-called investment firm. Only to discover after a few months that the company was gone along with your money.

When you’ve once taken a loved one for granted so you can have more time for your goals. Only to wake up one day that the person you want to celebrate your success with had already slipped through your fingers.

Countless of times, you’ve asked yourself how you ended up like this when you’re only thinking about making things better in the beginning. Yet, it’s too late for regret. You know you can’t cry over a spilled milk forever. You only have today. The time where you have control to change things so the consequences won’t heavily impact on your tomorrow. You’ve suffered a lot but you never let anyone see it. Others might think you’re too proud to admit but I know. I know you’re just tired of hearing “I told you so.”

Girl, I want you to know it’s normal. To have scrapes on the knees after you fall. To sprain an ankle after running. To hurt your head after you bump into a dead-end wall. You did well for standing again.

Very well.

Copyright © by Roxanne Mojas

All rights reserved.

Photo credit to its owner at Pinterest.


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