The Alice Who Had Never Been to Wonderland

She was the prom princess

Who traded heels for a sneaker,

She was a troubled seeker

Caught amidst unwanted pieces.

She is a rough rock

Found in a pebbled path,

That weird knee-high sock

Hanging beside a trendy hat.

Odd girl that’s what she is,

Stuck in a place she hadn’t planned,

This is the story of Alice

Who had never been to Wonderland.

She lives life struggling

For that thing her soul longs,

But why isn’t she standing

In the place where she truly belongs?

You might be asking who she is

Why is she carrying worn shoes in her hand

Have you ever heard of Alice

Who had never been to Wonderland?

She was book judged by cover,

Labeled trash by a stranger,

Alice, if I have to ask for a favor,

Love the person you see in the mirror.


Copyright © by Roxanne Mojas

All rights reserved.

Photo credit to its owner at Pinterest.


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