10 Rules of a Self-Proclaimed Writer

Why would we wait for people to call us the way we want? If you think you’re a writer then call yourself as such and let them believe it. After all, we become who we think we are. This is what I believe. These are my 10 Golden Rules.

  1. Be Silly. Who says writing have to be too serious? Don’t let your passion stress you out or else you will later find yourself hating the thing you used to love.
  2. Dare to try. New things never fail to bring excitement. Do something you never did before and see how it works.
  3. Patience is a virtue. What I have learned about writing is that first draft hardly becomes the last version. When you write your first draft, it goes through a lot of proofreading and editing before it can finally land to what is satisfactory to both you and your readers.
  4. Don’t be a perfectionist. Do you notice how things get more frustrating when we try to be absolutely flawless?
  5. Forget 100% originality. Two things: Either you don’t read a lot or you’re just too proud to accept that you’re not the only person in the world who thought about that.
  6. If you can’t write it, draw it! The advantage of drawing over writing is that you don’t have to narrate to express your thoughts. I personally find it helpful, especially when I’m lost for words.
  7. Discover your limits then forget them. Didn’t David know what his height was when he faced Goliath? Of course, he did know. Discover your weakness so you would know what to improve but don’t your flaws steal your confidence away.
  8. Never put a piece of writing on your trash bin. Keep it even when you don’t like it and who knows? You might need it someday. (I use mine as writing prompts.)
  9. A writer is still a writer even during a writer’s block. I love this line. It becomes my mantra every time I feel like I am hitting a wall.
  10. Call it a BREAKTHROUGH when others think of it as a failure. Being a writer is not a ONE TIME + BIG STEP = SUCCESS process. Believe me. Some of us experienced how it’s like to be called a fool before we met people who believe in us.



Copyright © by Roxanne Mojas

All rights reserved.

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