Letting Go

What I learned from experience is that when our hearts are overfilled with negative feelings, we become blind to the good things around us. We see the problem on its worst state, think that the solutions are harder to put into action and fear that the result will be twice the original problem.

Years ago, I was a young lady who was so used to bottling emotions. I often ended up feeling caged. Days, weeks and months passed. None of these bad feelings had solved my problems. That time, I started asking myself if I am really doing the things right. I got a big NO. Rearranging my life has been a hard task for me. After a year of struggling against my own fears and restrictions, here’s what I have realized:

You can only free yourself from negative feelings once you learn to let go. Forgive someone. Stop asking yourself those endless “what if’s”. Yesterday has passed. If you are constantly looking back, you will not be able to see who’s approaching you, will not be able to notice who’s passing you by and will not be able to know who’s going to hit you. I recognized the fact that there is no single advice applicable to all who got the same problem. But if you really want to free yourself, perhaps you could start here.

  1. Love your Heart. You probably heard people telling you should love yourself first before asking someone to love you but here’s my advice. You must realize that your heart plays a very important role in your physical and emotional health. Love your heart, cage inside it only the positive feelings you had and don’t let negative ones live in you for a long time.
  2. Volunteer. One of the best ways to get rid of negative feelings is through volunteer works. It increases our self-worth. It makes us feel good because we know that there are people out there who see the good out of us.
  3. Dare to be Rebellious. If you think you can no longer contain those overwhelming emotions, let it go. Break free. Do the things you like doing. For once, you can try things you’ve been dreaming about without worrying what others might think about it. Fight against your own fears. Sometimes, it’s not the circumstances that keep us from our dreams. It is actually our fears.
  4. Learn to look around. The things we usually fail to notice are the ones closest to us. Ironic, isn’t it? Be proud of the things you got because of hard work. Appreciate the good things that arrived in your life without you asking for it. Be grateful for the things that came to you unexpectedly. (It might be the one you probably prayed for years ago and forgot because it took so long.)


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