To the woman who thinks she’s not where she truly belongs

I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the world, then I ask myself the same question.


I wonder if you’ve asked yourself too the way Harun Yahya did.


I hope you’re doing okay. I can only imagine how tough your past weeks had been. Well, who knew living adult life could be this hard? When you were a student, your problems mainly consist tuition fee, allowance, grades and a little bit of lovelife (or the lack thereof). You were thrilled to graduate and start working so you can put those plans of yours into action.

Now it’s really ironic how time swiftly passed by and changed your thinking.  Your goals are still there, only altered on some parts to fit your current self. Of course, there’s thing called job. And finances. And expectations. And that common word every grown person have tried to look for: Happiness.

Why aren’t you finding it where you are now?

Instead, you have this tiny doubt inside you that was caused by the fact you can no longer imagine yourself in the future, still doing what you do right now. How is it even possible to get tired at something you liked doing in the beginning? Could it be that you’re losing your way?

You’re not. Please don’t think you’re lost just because you are asking yourself where you are now. People may not agree with this but believe me, there are times when we only realize what we really wanted once we start doing something. And I think that’s okay. To try everything today so you’d know what you dislike doing in the future.

Have the courage to pursue that position in your office. Ignore those small voices in your head that enumerates the name of officemates that might be more deserving than you.

Join that investment. Instead of waiting for that perfect company who can give you a large return from what you have given. That’s too good to be true.

Start that little business. Remember? The one you didn’t pursue because no one seems to think of it as a bright idea.

Risk that image of yours by choosing a career you love over that job which pays you higher but makes you feel empty.

Friend, only you has the right to define what your success is. Someday, someone will ask you again why you stay where you are. I hope you already found your place when that time comes. It would be nice to hear you say, “I love it here.”

Copyright © by Roxanne Mojas

All rights reserved.

Photo credit to its owner at Pinterest.


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